//Update [in between | non places in urban space]

Tracing the city for the invisible, hidden and almost forgotten, I’m interested in what is happening >in between< and at (non) places in urban space. Here are some projects of my “Spurenlese”, with which I will go on,  following some fresh ideas.

Abweichende Linie [2011]
An experiment via twitter.

Die Linie | Bewegung in Raum und Zeit [2009][2010]

The line is a medium of construction in order to see relations and connections which are invisible in everyday life, though there are a lot of lines in urban space.

Linien im Raum

Linien im Raum (c)juttafranzen

The performance >LuftLinien~SteinKante/// by the group KEMacts and my essay are a research in the line at a special non place in urban space: a former public toilet.

Jutta Franzen, Die Linie | Bewegung in Raum und Zeit, in: kunsttext.werk | uni graz | grazer kunstverein, März 2010

Beitrag zu:  Unschärfen des Dokumentarischen | Kunstfilmtag Düsseldorf 2010

Einkaufstasche 01 Montage

Montage Einkaufstasche, 2008

Die Einkaufstasche [2008]
Being an item of everyday life, you can see the bag everywhere in the city. But as a
“Ding” it is always involved in patterns of perception, (his)story and experiences, which are invisible. The essay follows these traces, telling everyday stories.

The montage shows the “Ding” combined with a photo and some passages of the texts, to which you can also listen to.

Installation Objects, Photos + Text + Audio
[cluster] group exhibition,
tmp. de luxe, temporary space for art & media, Berlin 2008

Essay: Die Einkauftstasche“, in: sinn-haft 17, “Inmitten der Dinge. Über Mediologie”. zeitschrift zwischen kulturwissenschaften, hrsg. vom hyper[realitäten]büro, Wien 2004

Zeit im Vorbeigehen – Vorbeigehen  der Zeit [2007] continued in [2011]
Reflections by urban spaces with the effect of a mirror, showing me now, trigger
reflections about  me in the past.

Zeit im Vorbeigehen

Zeit im Vorbeigehen | Hol dir dein Leben zurück, 2007

The focus is on the >augenblick<, the moment, when you look into the mirror, catching view of yourself in this >non place< and the moment as times goes by – both are always >in between<, already gone, when you realise them.
Montage: Photos+ Text

Kreuzberg Pavillon 02 June 2011

KUNSTHALLE am Hamburger Platz
Open Call 10. bis 30. Juni 2011

~~ p o t e n t i a l f l o w ~~ group exhibition, Galerie der Künste, Berlin 2007

For futher information, please visit the gallery of my website.


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