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  1. Idea, best practice  and main features of TMS and how to tell your own story
    Workshop Web 2.0, Universidad Internacional, Santiago de Chile,
    2012 by juttafranzen

    The idea of transmedia storytelling
  2. Since 2003 when Henry Jenkins coined the term, It’s trendy to talk about transmedia …
  3. http://t.co/yybQ6qPv here are the women on the future of transmedia panel. @christydena speaking now a… (cont) http://t.co/ggymUw1x
    Tue, Jan 03 2012 21:29:55
  4. … but transmedia is more than cutting  edge as it refers to the tradtion of storytelling:
  5. it’s not about technology but about people and their stories coming together and forming something bigger.
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 02:17:05
  6. As you immerse yourself in the story, the story immerses itself in your social world. In this context, online meets offline and your family and friends will never look the same again!
    Sun, Jan 01 2012 09:52:56
  7. @michelreilhac : “Une histoire #transmedia est: interactive, immersive et participative” #webdoc #transmedia http://t.co/4xgPbzpf
    Fri, Jan 06 2012 13:14:16
  8. Some best pratice of TMS:
  9. Yes, writers have long created worlds that go beyond the page — L Frank Baum did as much with his 1900 novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, whose story world he expanded into a musical and other books. But today’s transmedia producers are planning for multiple platforms from the start. They design fictional universes that are consistent however the audience engages.
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 12:41:24
  10. Drawings, fotos an tweets tell you the storyof N.Y. Marathon:
  11. Transmedia: Filmemacher aller Genres mache nicht mehr länger nur Filme @Wokrocker Bspl: The Chase @mtm12 #grimme http://t.co/ecu7mAwF
    Fri, Jan 06 2012 21:33:17
  12. A very popular example of TMS:
  13. The Chase Film
    Mon, Jan 02 2012 14:18:22
  14. Telling another new story by tracking reports and inviting the readers to join in :
  15. More than a fantasy:
  16. upcoming web series that will integrate pictures, music, and information from a viewer’s Facebook page into the video.
    Fri, Jan 06 2012 13:14:23
  17. Tue, Jan 03 2012 10:20:20
  18. Definition:
  19. «La narración transmedia representa un proceso donde los elementos integrantes de una ficción se dispersan sistemáticamente a través de múltiples canales de distribución, con el objetivo de crear una experiencia de entretenimiento unificada y coordinada.»
  20. 8 características definitorias del Transmedia:

    1- El contenido es originado por uno o varios visionarios.

    2- La convergencia y cruce de plataformas o medios es planeada al inicio de la vida de la franquicia a desarrollar.

    3- El contenido es distribuido a tres o más plataformas.

    4- El contenido es único, aprovecha las ventajas específicas de cada
    plataforma y no se replantea su propósito de una plataforma a la

    5- El contenido está basado en una única visión del mundo de la historia (a desarrollar/compartir).

    6- Se hacen esfuerzos concentrados para evitar fracturas y división narrativa.

    7- El esfuerzo es vertical a lo largo de las compañías, socios y licenciatarios.

    8- Las características de lanzamiento incluyen elementos de
    participación de la audiencia como portales Web, blogs, redes sociales y
    contenido generado por el usuario guiado por la historia.

  21. January 15, 2003
    By Henry JenkinsIn the ideal form of transmedia storytelling, each medium does what it does best-so that a story might be introduced in a film, expanded through television, novels, and comics, and its world might be explored and experienced through game play. Each franchise entry needs to be self-contained enough to enable autonomous consumption. That is, you don’t need to have seen the film to enjoy the game and vice-versa
    Fri, Jan 06 2012 21:33:17
  22. Telling your own story:
  23. Anyone can create stories in Storify. You can search across social
    networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and more to
    gather material for your stories, and add media elements to your story
    with our elegant, drag-and-drop interface.
    Then, reorder the elements
    and add text to tell your story.
    Finally, publish your story on
    storify.com and spread the word.
  24. Welcome To Storify
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  25. More Background
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  27. Slides in spanish:
  28. Wikipedia’s definition
  29. Transmedia storytelling, also known as multi-platform storytelling, cross-platform storytelling, or transmedia narrative, is the technique of telling stories across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. It is not to be confused with traditional cross-platform media franchises,[1] sequels or adaptations.From a production standpoint, it involves creating content[2] that engages an audience using various techniques to permeate their daily lives.[3] In order to achieve this engagement, a Transmedia production will develop stories across multiple forms of media in order to deliver unique pieces of content over multiple channels. Importantly, these pieces of content are not only linked together (overtly or subtly), but are in narrative sync with each other.

    Tue, Jan 03 2012 15:09:44